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You can blame this site on Jay Rose: Clio and Emmy winning sound designer, industry author, Cinema Audio Society member, and former officer of the Audio Engineering Society. Here's why he bothers.

2018 article on Artificial Neural Networks for audio processing
A new and powerful way to control elements in a film or video mix. No hype!
from Cinema Audio Society

Jay's video seminar on sound for film and video
2 hours... with chapters so you don't have to watch all of it.
from Audio Engineering Society


  Books about sound for film and video
Jay's highly readable texts, with graphic and audio examples, are used in colleges around the world.
They're category best-sellers at Amazon.
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The Audiobahn

Public database of ISDN dialup audio sites: Contact info for more than 700 North American voice-over actors, radio stations, and studios that have volunteered to be available for ad-hoc transfers.

Tutorials and articles about audio
How-to's, charts, databases, index to Jay's columns in Digital Video; plus repair info on Burwen audio processors

Funny stuff
Original articles and sound files about our field

About the Digital Playroomblat
A professional audio post production facility in Boston
Capabilities info, photos, client list, streaming audio and video samples

The AES Boston Section
Dr Barry Blesser's June '00 Speech about changing technologies
•   Jay Rose's Feb '11 Presentation on film v video sound
•   Boston section website (bostonaes.org)

Samples of various audio compression techniques

Jay Rose résume

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Hypercard stacks for free

quotemarkSomebody asked me why I'm giving away the store. Why do I devote a web site, books, and online columns to teaching others how to use techniques that took me years to develop? Aren't I worried about competition?

Short, wise-guy answer: I have no competition.

Real answer: Payback time. I've had some great mentors along the way, and want to pass their gifts along. Laurence Holcolmb, former head of continuity at NBC and professor at Emerson College, taught me how every word -- and by extension, every tiny sound -- counts. Tony Schwartz, who practically invented the field of broadcast sound design, gave me tips and encouragement when I was starting out. Wavy Gravy -- you've got to know who he is -- taught me it's okay to be dangerous if you know who you are. And legendary Boston ad men John Dowd Jr and Ray Welch taught me how important it is to make a game out of your work... but don't trust anyone else to count the cards.

Besides, I'm not worried about competition. It forces me to keep trying new things.quotemark

(Gag: Jay fixing computer audio by putting White-Out on the screen) Photo: Jay creating sound for A&E, CBS, PBS, MGM, or other clients with classy initials. His hair is grayer now, and he uses a more modern DAW with dual LCD displays.

Jay Rose, CAS, is contributing editor and columnist for Digital Video Magazine, co-author of Everything You Wanted to Know about the Mac, contributor to Maclopedia, and writes short articles for IBM Marketplace, Videography and others.

Jay's books Producing Great Sound for Film and Video and Audio Postproduction for Film and Video are available at local book and computer stores, and doing great at the online book dealers.

He's a member of the Cinema Audio Society, past section officer of the Audio Engineering Society, programmed the broadcast presets in Eventide's Broadcast and Post Production effects, programmed modules and written users' manuals and brochures for the Orban DSE 7000FX and Audicy digital audio workstations. He's also written major documentation for Telos ZephyrExpress portable digital audio mixer/codec/ISDN TA, Telos Audioactive Production Studio MPEG encoding software, 25-Seven's full line of on-air broadcast time maniuplators, BE's AudioVAULT broadcast automation systems, Countryman professional microphones, Digigram's Aztec Radiomedia line of sophisticated broadcast measurement equipment.

Jay did a two-hour presentation on technique differences between film and video sound for the Boston Section of the Audio Engineering Society, February 2011. You can watch the whole thing — or as much as you can stand — here. There's a cartoon at the end.

Other moderately interesting lectures and seminars of Jay's were at multiple MacWorld expos, the December 2008 Meeting of the Boston Final Cut Pro Users Group, The Camera Company's New England Expos in Boston, DV Expos in Los Angeles and New York, a keynote at the 2003 International Coinference on Auditory Display (repeated at a meeting of the Audio Engineering Society, Boston section, October 2003. He was also a panelist at the October 2012 meeting of the Massachusetts Production Coalition

You can also hear him on DigitalProductionBuZZ episode of 7/19/05, the DV Guys radio show, episode of 11/7/02, on MacShowLive, programs of 2/7, 3/11, and 8/8/01; and in podcasts (8/05 and 9/05) at Filmmakers Pod.
Most recent interview (September 2013) is from Splicevine.com, where Jay talks about money-saving techniques for filmmakers.

Articles about Jay from Imagine News Magazine ; Journal of the Cinema Audio Society Fall 2003; 2005 Icon Film and Production Magazine article featuring Jay's use of surround; 2007 interview in Radio and Production Magazine. Really old back-cover ad about Jay from New England Ad Week

Jay is not related to Kay Rose, legendary film sound editor and recipient of a Career Achievement Award from MPSE. She's way ahead of him in every category except alphabetical.