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Jay's presentation on Film v Video Sound
Filmed at AES/Boston February 2011 meeting

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• This is PART II 50:43
• Handles   @ 00:22
• Handles fixing VO   @ 1:44
• Choosing alt takes   @ 4:36
• Mix by splitting   @ 06:11
• Dialog is mono   @ 11:07
• Protect the center   @ 14:15
• Final result: trailer   @ 18:34
• Final result: tracks   @ 21:47
• Q & A   @ 24:45
• The Cartoon   @ 40>18

Jump to PART I 55:12
Start with the Basics • Film vs Video Workflows • Mic Choice • Matching the Shot • Multiple Camera Setups • Acoustics • Recording Technique • Noise Reduction • Dialog Editing

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“ Jay Rose is one of the leaders in spreading the gospel of using sound creatively. He presents cutting-edge ideas about the collaboration of sound and image, and also covers the basics... all in an easy to read, easy to understand style.”
  -- Randy Thom, CAS (Director of Sound Design, Skywalker Sound; More than 100 films including Oscars for The Right Stuff, The Incredibles)

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