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The Audiobahn

Welcome to the Web's first open-access listing of ISDN Audio Transfer Sites, continuously published since 1995; originally monthly, now updated once a year or so.

The list contains more than 700 North American studios, producers, and radio stations using non-proprietary audio codecs such as Zephyr, Musicam, or various Comrex models.

This copyrighted list is maintained as a public service by Jay Rose's Digital Playroom to help producers find facilities for instant audio transfers. Listings are free and entirely voluntary.

We do not charge a fee or commission for this information. Studios are free to call each other and make their own arrangements.

Submission instructions are published on the last page of the list.

The list is in searchable Adobe Acrobat (".pdf") format.

Download most recent Audiobahn, free

Want to own the Audiobahn?

As you're aware, ISDN is disappearing from non-broadcast production, and many stations are also switching to IP-based remotes. Audiobahn submissions and changes are down to one or two a year!
So we're not publishing updated lists any more. If you'd like to maintain this public database and use its name, drop Jay a note.

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