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Jay Rose C.A.S.

Sound Designer
Audio Consultant

(617) 277-0041;  
publicity photo   
Above: 30 year old publicity photo.     Right: Now grayer, rounder, more awards, fewer neckties.

My whole career has been about telling stories with sound... or telling stories about sound.
I have been very lucky.



Theatrical film projects include sound design and editing for "For the Love of the Music" (Joan Baez, Bob Dylan, Judy Collins, others; Indie 2012), "Polis is This" (John Malkovich, Pete Seeger; Indie 2007), "Two Weeks" (Sally Field, Ben Chaplin, Tom Cavanaugh; MGM, December 2006), plus festival-winning local independent films.

Broadcast programming clients include PBS, Buena Vista Television, Turner, CBS, Group W, A&E Network, Discovery Networks, Comcast (Versus). Corporate clients include IBM, Hewlett Packard, Harvard University, John Hancock.

Spot clients include MGM, Sesame Workshop (CTW), Cains Foods.


Jay's speciality is audio production techniques for broadcast and multimedia.



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