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Battle of the Bands!

These tracks accompany Jay Rose's Audio Solutions column in Digital Video Magazine, November 2003. Read the article in the Columns section at for more information. (Free registration required.)

This page contains nine good-quality audio tracks and may take a while to load. But it makes sense to have all nine on the same page, so you can compare them.
No audio? Check note #2.

    Full range (20 Hz - 20 kHz) for reference.

    Just 10 Hz - 100 Hz.

    100 Hz - 300 Hz.

    300 Hz - 600 Hz.

    600 Hz - 1.2 kHz.

    1.2 kHz Hz - 2.4 kHz.

    2.4 kHz - 4.8 kHz

    4.8 kHz Hz - 9.6 kHz.

    9.6 kHz - 20 kHz


  1. These tracks were made using 24 dB/octave filters at the indicated frequencies - and nothing else: no volume adjustment, no tweaking. If a particular band sounds very soft, that's because nothing was going on at those frequencies.
  2. The files are AAC-encoded for high fidelity at medium bandwidth and require QuickTime version 6 or higher, free for Windows or Mac from Apple Computer.
  3. Montage ©2002 Jay Rose. Music is "City Power" (D. Molyneux/R. Hudgson), "Epic Movie Adventure" (F. Talgon), "You Are My Fantasy" and "Hell Child" (both C. Kiddy), all © DeWolfe Music and used by permission.
  4. Fun! If your browser has enough memory, start 'em all playing simultaneously.
  5. For more on this subject, and an audio CD with these tracks and about fifty-five minutes of other useful stuff, check this book.

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