Older Audio Samples
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This doesn't represent anywhere near the range of our work, but some of these pieces are funny and they're all all good production.

This page was posted in 1998 to demonstrate web audio compression formats; sinced then, better formats like AAC have emerged. But we'll leave it up for historic reasons.
Go to our newer production sample page for high-quality streaming and downloadable files of more recent spots.

Titles with au are downloadable files, .au format, about 300k per :30 spot, playable from almost any browser.

Titles with qt are audio-only QuickTime movies using IMA compression, also about 300k per :30 spot, but sounding a lot better than .au

Titles with sw/mp3 are Shockwave Audio files, about 150k per :30 spot, and they sound very good. Shockwave uses the MPEG-2 Layer-3 algorithm, as does .ASF and .MP3. If you have the free Shockwave browser plugin from Macromedia, it'll start playing within a few seconds. Otherwise, you can download and listen to the file with almost any shareware MP3 tool.

Titles with ra are RealAudio, one of the defacto internet standards. Files range between 60k per :30 (sort of almost acceptable audio) to 150k per :30 (very good quality). You'll need the RealAudio player from RealAudio.


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