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Jay is audio columnist for Digital Video Magazine, a past officer of the Audio Engineering Society, member of the Cinema Audio Society, 30-year studio veteran (with many Clios, Emmy and other awards), and consultant to high-end studio equipment manufacturers.

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  • Audiobahn: directory of US ISDN audio sites

  • Digital Playroom, audio production for broadcast and media
  • Playroom homepage
  • Photos
  • Audio Samples
  • Video Samples
  • Client list
  • Equipment list
  • Capabilities
  • How to Book
  • Client section Password-protected
  • articles about the playroom
          from Radio & Production (2007)
          from iCom Film and Video Magazine (2005)
          from Recording Magazine
          from dB - The Sound Engineering Magazine
          from Adcom (N.E. advertising trade journal)
  • funny stuff
  • Orson Welles' famous outtakes tape
  • Spoof of ad session in the year 2000
  • Fugue on Advertising
  • Somewhat funny commercials
  • Read this before attending a convention
  • Tofu the Clown
  • General audio documentation
    Frequently updated; link to most recent index
  • How to avoid hum in cable tv hookups
  • Multimedia file formats
  • The audio spectrum
  • How to use line-level audio with older Macs
  • Suggested sample rates for multimedia
  • Playing audio through a phone line
  • Samples of various internet audio compression techniques
  • Burwen audio processor documentation
  • Dynamic Noise Filter description
  • Dynamic Noise Filter schematic
  • Transient Noise Eliminator service manual
  • Transient Noise Eliminator calibration
  • Transient Noise Eliminator schematic
  • Books by Jay Rose with sample text, critical comments, and links to best discount sales
  • Producing Great Sound for Film & Video (3rd edition)
  • Audio Postproduction for Film & Video
  • Magazine articles by Jay Rose
  • Index to Jay's column and features from DV Magazine
  • "How to Watch a Tradeshow Demo"
  • "Premiere Unplugged"
  • How to work with music libraries (from DV)
          Reviews and contact info for music libraries

  • Special section for readers of Digital Video Magazine.
    Section is constantly being updated; click on above link for latest index
          Recommended books
  • Jay's resumé
  • Jay's alter ego
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