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Freebie HyperCard Stacks

Jay wrote these a couple of years ago, but they still function and they're still handy. Help yourself.

With the advent of 10.5 "Leopard", Apple has abandoned the Classic environment even on PowerPCs. Hypercard had a good run for a couple of decades, but we have to consider it gone now. These stacks are posted for historic value if nothing else.

I run a lot of my business on custom stacks I've developed and tweaked over the years, and was surprised how easy it was to convert them to SuperCard (which seems compatible with all current Macs*). Just a little scripting and workarounds for OS9-vintage externals.

If you want to port these to SuperCard and send me the result, I'd be glad to post it here.

*Quite happy in an Intel dual-core under Snow Leopard... as of the last time I updated this page


Teachers' grading program that lets you - Click here to download this short file.

Ships Code Blinker

Learn Morse Code with blinking lamp, sound, or both. Written for a Sea Exporer troop. Click here to download this short file.

Jay Rose is a sound designer and audio equipment consultant.

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These programs both require HyperCard 2.1 or higher. HyperGrade requires the full program; Ships Code will run under the smaller HyperCard Player.

Copyright notices appear within the programs. They may be downloaded and distributed as freeware only: any commercial use or inclusion in a commercial product is expressly forbidden.

At these prices, they are unsupported and no warranties are made.

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Leopard update 5 February 2008.

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