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Free video seminar on sound for film and video
New in 2011                 Courtesy Audio Engineering Society

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The DV Magazine Tutorials
      ...More than a hundred of Jay's articles about sound
      used to be archived at the magazine's site. They've deleted them...
      so we're slowly adding them here.
      If you want a piece that hasn't been posted, drop a note.

Special Web Series:
How audio compression really works...
      ...the science behind mp3, AAC, Lossless, and other schemes
      ...getting the best possible sound from a compressed file
      ...what helps mp3 and what breaks it
      ...a few QuickTime-specific tips

Special Web Series:
The ProVideoCoalition articles...
      ...Jay's short-lived tutorial / humor / etc blog at
      ...Lots of different topics about film/video sound.

Magazine Articles

From Digital Video Magazine

  • 2008 article on Audio Self-Education.
  • Index to DV Magazine tutorials and features about sound for video.
  • Special section for readers of Digital Video Magazine.
  • How to work with music libraries
  • Reviews and contact info for music libraries
  • Say What? Editing Voice Tracks Like a Pro. (DV Magazine, 4/01)


    From other publications

  • How to Write About Sound... or Anything Else! Tips for non-fiction writers, from CAS Quarterly Journal, Winter 2014.
  • Archive of Jay's columns at A dozen audio thoughts and tutorials, 2008
  • Mix It Up: How to get a better track. (From MovieMaker Magazine's Guide to Making Movies 2007)
  • Reality (Sound)bites: Speech Research goes to Hollywood (Proceedings of the ICAD, 2003)
  • Who Are These People In Suits? (Recording Magazine, 3/97)
  • How to Watch a Tradeshow Demo (Videography, NAB 1995)
  • Special Effects without Special Plugins (Adobe Magazine, 1996)

  • Books

    click titles below for latest info, sample content, and discount sales
  • Producing Great Sound for Film and Video
  • Audio Postproduction for Film and Video

    sorry, these titles are out-of-print:
    • First Book of Macintosh
    • Everything You Wanted to Know about the Mac
    • Maclopedia

  • Web-exclusive audio articles

  • How much does mp3 really take away? A scientific demonstration.
  • Range Finder What's actually going on at different frequencies? Demo with graphics and sound.
  • Sound Tricks AES meeting about manipulating reality in film and TV tracks.
  • Balancing Act How—and why—to use balanced wiring.
  • Attenuators! Conditioning line-level signals for miniDV cameras
  • Avoiding HUM in cable tv hookups
  • Multimedia file formats
  • The audio spectrum
  • Playing audio through a phone line
  • Line-level audio with older Macs?
  • Suggested sample rates for multimedia
  • Samples of older audio compression techniques
  • Can't Carry Squares? An analog myth debunked.

  • Burwen audio processor documentation (Supplied by inventor Dick Burwen)