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TNE7000 Transient Noise Eliminator
DNF1201A Dynamic Noise Filter

Schematics and Lineup Instructions

In the early 1980s, Dick Burwen invented a pair of analog audio processors that were a generation ahead of most other studio production equipment. The TNE7000 did a better job of eliminating vinyl ticks and pops than anything short of today's high-priced digital boxes. The DNF1201 was the first practical sliding high-cut filter for masking hiss, similar to later units by Dynafex and Orban.

Because there's a lot of interest in these boxes, Dick gave me permission to post his original schematics, operating theory, and calibration instructions. These documents are © Richard Burwen, may be downloaded for study and use by individuals only, and cannot be reproduced.

Dick provided the scanned schematics at the relatively low resolution that is posted, and we don't have any other versions. He also asked not to be bothered with technical questions. If this information isn't sufficient for you, we're sorry.

TNE7000 Transient Noise Eliminator

DNF1201A Dynamic Noise Filter

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Sorry, Dick Burwen has requested that we don't give out his mail address.

Posted March 16, 1998; slightly revised Jan 30, 2000 11